Best metal roofing system in Chicago, Illinois

Affordable, Reliable & Beautiful

Why ecoMetals Roofing System?

Short production time

3 days lead time

100% American product

Proudly made in the USA

Lifetime Warranty

No maintenance required

Insurance savings

Lower homeowner's insurance rates

Light weight

Eliminating structures sagging

Beauty and function

Metal roofs look better and last longer

Long term investment

Lowest cost per annum coverage

100% recyclable

Environmentally friendly


It was a crazy storm after I got my new roof put on, and for the first time ever – I didn’t have to worry about leaking, quality, or anything else. I am so happy. My old roof had a piece come down with some really really bad winds, and then the rain came into the house – but with this roof I have a sturdy and beautiful home!

Paige Carey

ecoMetals panels durability

Fire resistant

Class A fire resistance

Wind resistant

Class H wind resistance (up to 150 mph)

Moisture resistant

Treated metal and finishes resist oxidation

Hail resistant

Class 4 impact resistance

Metal Roof Durability

Best Roofing Solution in Chicago AREA

Metal roofing is being adopted well in the USA because of its durability. Whether you live in Chicago, Park Ridge, Glenview  you have probably considered re-roofing your home at some stage.

Today, using metal as the material for roof is becoming more popular as people recognize its aesthetic and financial benefits. Call us to get more information.

residential and commercial roofs

durable, cost-effective and eco-friendly

Metal roofing can be added to both residential and commercial roofs and still appear elegant. It’s durable, cost-effective and eco-friendly.

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